Monday, November 15, 2010

Feeling Comfortable and Beautiful in Pageant Gowns !

Parades can be stressful. You are judged by the smallest things, and there are a lot of preparation involved to look perfect. However, it also can be very entertaining. It's fun to dress up occasionally. Pageant dresses are known for being bold and interesting, and look better when you have the confidence to really show them. 

The first place to start when thinking about a dress contest is with the theme of the competition. Is it simply an age group, or is there a specific topic? Parade topics vary widely, from holiday parades in contests where the clothes are supposed to reflect a certain period of time. Match your dress with the theme so it fit, but do not look like you're trying too hard. The overall effect should be obvious, but not something like a cheap suit. 

Meet the judges too. Senior judges often have a more conservative and be more impressed with classic dresses, modest. With the younger judges, can take more risks. This is not always the case, however, so if you can have the opportunity to talk with them before the contest, take it. You can also find girls who have been in similar competitions and talk about what they were tried. 

When you are being judged mostly by their appearance, it is important to make your personality shine through as well. Competitions are usually part of the interview, but a good interview alone is not going to be very memorable, like a dress with nothing backing it up. Your dress should enhance the impression you make during the interview and help the judges remember his personality when on the scene later. 

Now you can start thinking about color and form. The color of your dress is very important, just that can make or break. Do not go with a color just because it's his favorite, look for something that goes perfectly with her hair color, eye color and skin tone. You can often get tested to find the ideal colors of the makeup counters in department stores different. The silhouette of your dress competition must make your body look as balanced as possible. 

Finally, are the shoes and accessories. They should go with your gown and attract attention without overpowering the rest of his team. His shoes are a great place to experiment and choose the options of bold, but make sure it is something you can walk comfortably and easily around the stage in. You want your feet to look effortless. Similarly, your accessories should increase their dress without looking like the main attraction. 

Confidence is key in pulling everything together. Contest winners are not only beautiful dresses, they also have an exceptional personality and bright smiles. Let her dress as inspiration to win! 

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